UPDATE Wednesday June 16th 2021

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If you haven't been back to a session yet this year or wish to start fencing please contact us first.


Fencing Kit

Club Kit

Safety is of prime importance with fencing kit. The Club provides high quality kit, which is certified, and It is checked and replaced regularly to maintain its safety. As you (or your child) fences more regularly and knows they will continue, you/they are still welcome to use club kit. We can change kit as required if bigger sizes are needed etc. We will check kit regulary for wear or damage.

Fencing Breeches

The exception to providing all kit, is fencing breeches. We are committed to having everyone wearing breeches for all club sessions and so we are asking everyone to provide their own. Very reasonable options are detailed below. As kids grow out of them there should be plenty of scope for swapping, and passing on etc.

Getting your own kit

There are some items that are worth thinking of having as your own and suggestions of the order to look at gradually building up your kit are below.  We would strongly advise speaking to Phil Hibbert about this first as he can take advantage of the Club’s discount and also to advise on what would be best to choose and when.

Some kit to think of:

1. Glove - Your own glove can fit better and there are some better options to go for.

2. Breeches - Fencing breeches are now expected to be worn for all forms of fencing and our club is committed to having everyone fencing in breeches in all our club sessions.

Options for good value breeches are given below. Sizing charts can be found on the websites or you can compare with club members breeches at club.

Other options include electric jackets and bodywires, which are the one area of kit there may be shortages of at Club sessions, and fencing bags.

The Club strives to make club kit available to everyone at all times and so no one is required to have their own kit.

You can view fencing kit at the Leon Paul website, but please discuss any kit you are thinking of purchasing with Phil and we get discounted prices from Leon Paul.