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Last Fencing before Christmas

Wednesday Club as usual, no Aith fencing this Thursday.

Saturday 15th Brae Fun Competition

Events and Competitions

The club runs competitions in Shetland and travels away to junior and senior competitions on the Mainland.

There is also an annual ‘Summer Camp’ for both juniors and adults held usually in Orkney.

Competitions coming up in 2019.  (Club will take groups down if there enough go make up a group).

Jan 12th  Juniors Under 15   24 seties Linlithgow  Foil.

March 23rd  Juniors Under 15   24 seties Linlithgow epee

April 6/th  Glasgow Open,   foil and epee and for over 13 year olds

May 18th Juniors Under 15   24 seties Linlithgow foil (NB we proabably won't travel to this as a club, as the LPJS is on in June.

June 1/2nd  LPJS Age Group UK wide cometition. We have done this competition over recent years and there will be definitely be a group travellnig down.