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Happy New Year everyone.

We are once again without our fencing venues until at least the start of Febuary

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Wallace Academy Club Visit

News Date: 01/07/2019

Wallace Academy Club Visit

The small group visiting Shetland from Wallace Academy Club arrive this week and we hope you will join in on at least some of the activities that have been arranged. Dusty De Sainte Croix coaches the club and organises most of the main Scottish Competitons.His son, Calum is now a very active coach and they are joined by 4 young fencers from the club. To confirm from previous emails etc. the activities are as follows:

1.  Friday night, July 5th 6 till 8pm, Gibby Park Hall.   Meet visitors with an open fencing session from 6 to 8. Open to all our fencers, to come and have a fence.

2. Saturday July 7th, Morning 10 till 1.  As part of the Brae Fun Day, along with Dusty and Calum, we will do some fencing tasters at Brae High School. This will be taster sessions aimed at families and kids who have never fenced. It might be useful if we had a couple of our young fencers to come along complete in kit to demonstrate some fencing. Let me know if you are interested.

3. Saturday afternoon  2 till 5 "Refereening Workshop".  This will be a lot more informal than it sounds and shouldn't put off anyone thinkking this is a course. Learning a bit about the rules and refereeing, is a great way to get more out of watchiing fencning and understanding a bit more about it.  It will be ideal for parents, but also our fencers. It is a great way to be able to help out at club sessions. We would also like to cover some competition organisation, again, for parents ideally, to help run the increasing number of events we now hold at the club.    Please let me know if you can if you can make this, as we will want to know to bring printers in etc.

4. Sunday 10 till approx 2.  Fun Competition The aim of the fun competition on Sunday is to get some fencing in, first, and also to give anhyone who has been doing the refereeing / organising from Saturday the chance to try out some refereeing in a non competitive event. Teh fun competiion will be just poules, no knock out and no "winners".  Come along and timings can be a bit flexible in you can't make the whole session.

This will be good cahnce to get to learn more about fencing and to get some fencing and