UPDATE Tuesday August 16th

New Season starts:

Thursday Aug 18th Scalloway Beginners 7 till 8.30pm and older juniors/adults 7pm till 10pm

Sat Aug 20th Brae Games Hall 9.30 till 11.30am 

Please keep and eye on calendar below and emails

Return to Fencing Procedures and Instructions

News Date: 27/11/2020

Return to Fencing Procedures and Instructions

Getting Back to Fencing December, 2020

 To restart our fencing activities in these times, there will be a very different way of running and attending sessions. All of the procedures seem tough, but we wish to keep everyone safe, and to make a restart at all, we are required by both the venues and Scottish Fencing to follow strict procedures. It will be important to keep a close eye on emails and to keep closely to the times of the sessions to be able to return to fencing.

 Procedures and Instructions for our restart to fencing.

Fencing Kit

  •     No shared kit will be available, including weapons. Each fencer must bring in all the kit they need to fence, enclosed in a bag(s). You will need:

Fencing mask, plastron, jacket, glove, shoes for fencing, weapon, bodywire and lame when electric scoring is restarted.

  •  Contact Phil if any of your kit is too small if you haven’t already done so or don’t have all the above (Weapons will be loaned out to complete your kit at your first session. You will then need to take home all the kit and look after it. We have ordered bags which can carry weapons.
  • All kit must be kept completely separate from other fencers. It must all be cleaned thoroughly before every session. Advice for cleaning kit is here:


 All sessions must be pre booked otherwise you won’t be able to attend.

Please check the website calendar – see below – to see if there is a session on, where you will find a link to book it. Please note the new times:

-       Lerwick, Gibby Park Hall Wednesdays 6.30 till 8pm 

-       Brae, Saturdays, 9.30 till 11.15am

 Sessions can be booked via our website: Home Page

-       From the Home page, scroll down to our Club Calendar. 

-       Go to the date you want to book, click on it to open that day and click on the link to the booking form. 

-       Complete this and submit it and you will receive a reply to confirm there is space and session will run. Make sure you look out for the confirmation.

 The Booking form will also contain a health check which needs to be completed before each session. At first sessions are limited to 12, so you may need to book early to ensure you can get onto each session. Please note: The timing of the sessions has changed. The start and finish times must be kept to otherwise you will not be able to join a session. If the timings are going to cause a problem you can’t get round, please contact us before you book.

 Arriving at and Leaving the Venue:

-       Fencers must wait in cars or at the Outside door, where they will be met. Please try not to be too early, but if more than 5 mins late you are unlikely to be able to attend the session as there will be a very set routine involving track and trace registers and positioning in hall etc.  

-       Please keep 2m apart and wear a face mask at all times, from the Car Park and on entering the Hall.

-       You will be instructed on hygiene measures, where to place kit and placed in your ‘bubble’ of 6. More specific instructions for what we can and can’t do during the fencing session will be given at the start of the session.

-       Please try to bring your own hand sanitiser, and water bottles, even though there will be hand sanitiser stations in the hall. Please bring tissues and a small plastic bag for your own waste, which you must take home with you.

-       Sessions will end right on time so you will need to leave at this time.

-       Please arrive changed and with all your kit inside a bag. – You can bring separate fencing shoes in your bag to change into and have your plastron and fencing jacket in your bag ready to put on. There will be 1 toilet open, if required, but no changing facilities. 

 Inside the Hall:

Fencers will be separated into groups of 6. At the start of the session all fencers will be guided through the activities with any changes to ‘normal’ fencing explained. These mainly include:

-       Wearing face mask until placed into your 'bubble' and given instrucitons for session.

-       Avoid contact with other ‘bubble’ of 6, keeping 2m at all times

-       Within your bubble of 6, you may fence for short durations of up to 15 mins at a time.

-       Keep 2m apart at all times when not fencing.

-       The handshake rule is suspended

-       Fleching/running attacks are not permitted

-       Deliberate close quarter action should be avoided

-       Fencers waiting to fence must stay at their designated area and maintain a 2 metre distance from other fencers

-       Fencers must avoid shouting during fencing.

This all sounds like hard work I’m afraid but we will try to minimise the impact and keep everything fun and active.

Thanks for your support and cooperation