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New Season starts:

Thursday Aug 18th Scalloway Beginners 7 till 8.30pm and older juniors/adults 7pm till 10pm

Sat Aug 20th Brae Games Hall 9.30 till 11.30am 

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Lockdown Training Session 2

News Date: 15/04/2020

Lockdown Training Session 2

Session 2

 Again, this is designed to use any small space and to give you something to improve on each time so you can keep repeating the session until it is comfortable to do and your balance and position etc feels good. The feel for using your core properly and being able to tense that whhile relaxing legs, shoulders etc is difficult and takes time. To get good balance takes time also. This is why these sessoins arse built around this as you should get loads of improvements with repeating sessons. It's important not to get bored with them but have something to aim for.

I can't put video clips on the website yet but I'll try to whatsapp and email a couple of clips to show you the routines



5 mins

Warm Up

As session 1, adding any variations you like, it can include jogging outside, anything to feel relaxed and slightly out of breath.

2 mins

Balance and Core stability

This can follow on from doing some long stepping lunges (not fencing lunges) in your warm up.

 Start timer.  

With both feet facing forward, less than shoulder width apart, take a lunge forward  with left foot, hold it there, - now ‘scoop’ your belly button 'in and up', to engage your core muscles. Now hold this while still relaxing everything else. This takes time to get the feel of, so keep going and you’ll get used to it. 

Now using that ‘tension’ through your belly button, step back up but keep the front foot in the air, (don’t put it back down on the floor), holding it up for a second and then repeating the lunge forward as before. Now repeat this in sets of 5 until the timer goes off, putting your feet down and resting a few seconds between sets.

Aim to complete your 5’s without losing balance. Get the 'feel' of using your belly button to move you back instead of your arms, and use that also to keep your balance.

2 mins

Fencing Lunges

Now repeat the above exercise, but this time they will be fencing lunges. So start and finish in a good, balanced en guard position. When you lunge and recover, still remember arm starts straightening before foot goes forward, and other way round for recovery.  

This will improve your balance in lunging and also be a good core workout.

Again sets of 5 until timer goes off

Time yourself

Lunge forward recover shuttle

Speed and control, so time yourself

Front foot behind start line, lunge, then recover forward, bringing back foot up fast and going straight into another lunge. You should now be near your 2m mark. Recover forward again and continue stepping to 2m line, then step backwards to start line.  Now repeat the 2 lunges with recover forwards and repeat pattern 5 times and note down your time.

Lunge recover forward: To do this, do a normal lunge and stay there. Without letting your body move upwards, bring the back foot up, so in effect you are back on guard. You then immediately lunge again.  With practise this becomes continuous. Aim to bring the back foot up fast, taking speed into 2nd lunge. Think of 1st lunge as a ‘false’ attack, knowing that you are looking to get the distance to hit on the second lunge by bringing the back foot up fast.