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Well done to all the fencers and volunteers in our Under 13 Foil Champs on Saturday

Thanks for all the cake and thanks to Robert for the photos (all 1682 of them)

Full results and photos will appear soon as poss and we will let you know.

Club Under 13 Foil Championships

News Date: 02/05/2018

Club Under 13 Foil Championships

Club Championships Under 13 Foil

Gilbertson Park Hall

Saturday May 12th from 10 to 2.


Our annual Under 13 Foil Club Championshipsis approaching fast and so we now need to know who will be taking part.

Who is it for?       All our fencers, including beginners who were born in 2005 or later.

It will be a good experience for all and there should be no worries about ‘not being good enough’ if you have just started fencing, it will be good experience.We will mark out fencing strips and all fencers will fence on the electric scoring kit, with any help they need to organise that.There is plenty of room and seats for spectators and the kitchen is available for  tea and coffee. If some parents wish to bring in some home bakes to keep fencers and spectators going for the day, then please do, - even highly tuned athletes are allowed cakes. - Let Phil know.

We would like to know definite numbers for the competition so we can organise the format etc. Please let us know if your child would like to enter. There is no charge.

Breeches and long socks must be worn.

Please remember all your kit and bring water bottle along

List of confirmed entries will appear below so please confirm if you are not no the list:

  1. Murray Todd
  2. James Masson
  3. Charlie Anderson
  4. Ethan Dunn
  5. Koll McConnachie
  6. Mara Bordeianu
  7. Amelie Atia
  8. Thomas Angus
  9. Astrid McDonald
  10. Kristian Poleson
  11. Izzie Gibson
  12. Olivia Scott
  13. Sami Morrisson
  14. Dexter March
  15. James Inkster